Do you pick your bar by the bartender?



Do you only have eyes for your cocktail?
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  • Do you have eyes only for your cocktail?
The best bartenders are facilitators, helping you find what you didn't even know you wanted to drink. As a result, it's easy for the best to sometimes get lost amid the flash of a row of back-lit bottles or a digital jukebox that has you feeding it dollars like a vending machine with an eating disorder. In a post for, Steve Schur touts a classic line from Gary Regan, author, bitters maker and the godfather of mixology: "I visit bartenders, not bars."

The bar travel column makes the case for why bartenders should be our signposts. In the past week, I've had the tap handles, wine lists and cocktails all determine where my party wanted to drink. But bartenders never topped the list. Do you pick your bar by the bartender?

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