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Leave that Bud out in the cold, you can do better.
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  • Leave that Bud out in the cold; you can do better.
Whether you get mittens under the tree, socks for Hanukkah or simply the warm feeling of knowing that next week is a short week, there are plenty of ways to stay toasty in winter. But the learned scholar knows that the real trick is to sit back and enjoy a few winter brews. In an effort to get you started, here's a brief list of beers around town that deserve some heat.

Green Room Burgers & Beer (4010 Pennsylvania) has Mother's Winter Grind Coffee Stout for $3.50 - it may very well be the best coffee beer in the city right now, and it's on tap.

McCoy's (4057 Pennsylvania) released the 2012 version of Ursa Major last night. The Russian Imperial Stout is on tap, as is the 2011 version. A limited run of bottles is also available for the drink-it-at-home set.

75th Street Brewery (520 W. 75th St.) is releasing its Waldo Winter Ale, which it describes as follows:

Deep amber hues lend to the rich malt characteristics of German Cara-Munich malt and Dark Belgian Crystal malt, creating flavors of rock candy and subtle notes of chocolate. Not sparingly hopped, the charge is led by Mt. Hood and Cascade hops in both the boil and whirlpool with Chinook dry hops finishing out the serving tank.

The Waldo Winter Ale will be on tap starting Friday, and growlers will be available for $25 (through January 1, 2013).

The Blue Moose Bar & Grill (9100 W. 135th St., Overland Park) is holding a Meet the Brewers event with New Belgium Brewery on Friday, December 21, from 6 to 8 p.m. You'll be able to try the Colorado brewery's Frambozen, Snow Day, Fat Tire and 1554.

Please share what you're enjoying right now on taps and in bottles and where you had it.

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