The beer and voting booth correlation that might surprise you



Its kind of a blue-green?
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  • It's kind of a blue-green?
The bottle may be green, but Heineken drinkers are apparently blue to the core. The National Journal has published a piece, entitled 'What Your Beer Says About Your Politics.' While Heineken lovers are devout Democrats, the National Journal's look through Scarborough Research data suggests that Shiner Bock drinkers are Republican at heart. Miller High Life enthusiasts are right down the middle, as are Natural Light drinkers (although they head to the polls with less frequency).

In news that went against my instincts (discovered once I saw the chart that detailed who drank what), Becks apparently falls slightly to the left while Labatt Blue is favored by the right. We've now moved from pop science to brew science, but the infographic is entertaining. Do you think beer choice says something in the polls about who you're voting for?

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