Boulevard's Reverb Imperial Pilsner is on shelves today



Reverb is out now.
  • Reverb is out now.
The Boulevard Brewing Co. is reaching a new stage in its product development, one where it can look back on what it has done as the inspiration for where it's headed. Reverb Imperial Pilsner, the latest Smokestack Series release on shelves today, brings that very concept to the glass.

Boulevard is revisiting the style that inspired its first collaboration — Collaboration No. 1 with Belgian brewer Jean-Marie Rock — two years ago. Reverb was made with Pilsner malt and Saaz hops. The malt comes through first, sweet and a bit nutty. The finish is all hops, balancing out that early sweetness with a bite of bitter.

This label goes to 11.
  • This label goes to 11.
Reverb is 7.5% ABV and is a 30 on the IBU scale (not far from Stingo, the latest Collaboration). Boulevard recommends pairing it with grilled seafood and chicken or cheese.

Beyond the beer, the label is one of the more inspired designs that beer drinkers have seen from Boulevard. It's meant to resemble a guitar amp with knobs for the various stages of beer brewing. There are "controls" for the kettle, ferment and conditioning, and Boulevard's name in script is where one would typically find the word "Fender." The brewery's notes suggest that the summer seasonal is an homage to Spinal Tap (as evidenced by the neck label pictured at right), but it's a symbol for where the brewery is right now. Reverb shows that Boulevard can riff and go off in different and nuanced directions from its ever-increasing line.

As with all new releases, feel free to note where you snagged a bottle and what it set you back.

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