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This is some serious coffee alchemy
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  • This is some serious coffee alchemy
They call it Hop!Toddy, one word, the exclamation point embedded where a calmer product name would allow a little room. It would be truer simply to call this cold-brewed, weekend-sold coffee! and order a bottle by slapping your palm on the counter at Oddly Correct. It’s rich, wallopy stuff — as you’d expect from Gregory Kolsto’s exacting bean salon.

It’s going to be extra rich and extra wallopy Saturday, August 4, thanks to another local hero of the small-batch persuasion: Hammerpress. That’s when the two businesses release a limited first-run collaboration, 50 bottles of Hop!Toddy concentrate that they’ve dubbed “Mysterioso Industrioso.” Each 750-ml bottle bears a numbered, hand-printed label, designed by Hammerpress founder Brady Vest, and comes with a print replicating the label. (The package goes for $25.)

The coffee, Kolsto says, is “a fair-trade, organic, washed Ethiopian Yirgacheffe: Konga Cooperative.” In its Mysterioso form, you dilute it with water. (Drinking it straight causes, depending on your caffeine tolerance, something between a pleasantly jittery high and a controlled nitroglycerin explosion.)

You can sample it Saturday at Oddly Correct (3934 Main). At noon, the action moves to Hammerpress (110 Southwest Boulevard), where the tasting and the sale wrap up at 3 p.m. or when the bottles are gone. Kolsto says the regular Hop!Toddy ($4 a bottle) isn’t going away. To keep up with demand, he prepares 100 to 200 a week for Saturday sale. (“Toddy” is coffee-nerd shorthand for a brew made with cold water, a method that yields serious flavor, a good jolt and lower acidity.) And by the time iced coffee starts to sound too chilly, Kolsto says, there’ll be more Oddly Correct on the corner of Main and Westport Road.

Over the next two months, he plans to move the café part of his business to 3940 Main (which last held B-Bop Comics). The original space, he adds, will remain OC’s HQ for roasting and training.

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