Meat Mist's bloody, meaty video for 'Art Scum'



KC sludge lords Meat Mist are known for brutalizing basements and parking lots throughout the metro area, sometimes showcasing during their performances the finest odds and ends of slaughtered cows. They've brought this meaty spectacle from the basement to the inter-tubes, with a video for a song from 2011's bejeweled cassette, Bleak Bisque. The video for "Art Scum" takes place in - where else? - a basement. While clocking in at about 80 seconds, it still manages to stuff enough screaming, bashing, quasi-Satanic rituals, shirtlessness, and stock footage of industrial meat production to make Ronald McDonald commit suicide. The VHS grain of video will leave you feeling filthy and without appetite but with the notion that a barbecue-sauce endorsement ought to be right around the corner. Truly, a KC masterpiece.

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