Kansas City has not yet been taken over by hipsters

Prepare for the mustaches and out-of-town basketball jerseys.



Does your neighbor look like this? Just wait.
  • Xaxor
  • Does your neighbor look like this? Just wait.
The mustaches and skinny ties may be coming, just not en masse. Travel + Leisure put together its 'Best Cities for Hipsters,' and Kansas City sneaked in the 20th spot (out of 20 cities listed).

Seattle sits atop the rankings, while Chicago and Minneapolis are the only other Midwest cities that have enough cred to be deemed hipster-worthy. See what's bringing the fedoras and out-of-town basketball jerseys to Kansas City after the jump.

It turns out that all demographics are brought here by the smoke rings, as Travel + Leisure writes:

This midwestern city proves that you don't have to be exclusive or trendy to be hip. Kansas City won the survey for both its affordability and its crowd-pleasing barbecue - and ranked No. 2 for its sharp wireless coverage. Seek out the hipster scene among the rehabbed Crossroads District or Westport, both bustling with music shops, art galleries, and plenty of places to drink the city's highly ranked microbrews.

So this is good news and bad news. It's good news because, like zombies, the infestation is not yet critical. It's bad news because being ranked last on a list of 'best cities for hipsters' is exactly the kind of irony and right level of status to attract, gulp, hipsters.

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