Andy Studebaker deserves to have a street named after him

The Chiefs beat the Chargers in improbable fashion on Monday night.



Andy Studebaker picked the right time to record his first fumble recovery of the year.
  • Andy Studebaker picked the right time to record his first fumble recovery of the year.
We live in a world of predictions and spoilers, where it's hard to find an unforeseen outcome. But the play that changed the contest between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Diego Chargers? Yeah, I bet you didn't see that coming.

With a chance to salt away the clock and line up for a game-winning, chip-shot field goal, Philip Rivers choked. He short-armed the snap. The ball came free. And Andy Studebaker (Sturdy-baker? Studs?) somehow went from watching the play in an upright position to being pulled away from the ensuing scrum around the fumble with the pigskin in his hands. The Chiefs went on to win the game 23-20 in overtime. Here's what we learned last night.

-The Kansas City Chiefs purchased someone's entire supply of Scream masks. Would those have gone to a less fortunate country if the Chiefs failed to win, or were they wearing the masks regardless?

-Philip Rivers' incessant complaining isn't a show of leadership or emotion. It's bad sportsmanship. The NFL needs to figure out the equivalent of a technical foul in basketball for berating a referee. Although Rivers' bratty tantrums do make beating San Diego a little more special.

-The beard stays.

-The Chiefs are winning like a college team right now, proving that contributions from an entire team can beat a more talented, less disciplined team. A week after committing 13 penalties, the Chargers racked up 12 more last night (to be fair, it was a night of questionable officiating that saw the Chiefs get flagged nine times).

-Philip Rivers has six kids, and he had all of those children by the time he was 25 years old. I feel like one of the lost boys in Hook that discovers Peter Pan is a dad — Philip Rivers' gots kids?

-Color guy Jon Gruden has the announcing memory of a goldfish. He was absolutely convinced that the San Diego Chargers were ready to explode in the third quarter and equally as convinced that the Chargers were "off" in the fourth. Instead of predetermining the narrative, let's just call the game without absolutes.

-Signing Derrick Johnson looks like a great decision. The middle linebacker is dialed in. He's playing his way into the Pro Bowl.

-Dexter McCluster returns kicks to the 25-yard line as fast as anyone in the NFL. It would be exciting to see what happens if he ever gets past the 25. Although kudos to him for two brilliant plays near the sideline on the winning drive in overtime. His ability to change directions instantly rivals that of Gruden.

-Commentator and former quarterback Trent Dilfer loves Norv Turner. Showing a startling amount of emotion ["Hell yeah, I'll defend Norv Turner"], Dilfer defended Turner vehemently in the postgame show, saying that he shouldn't shoulder the blame for this loss. I don't know, Trent. I think you could make a case that coaching has something to do with those 25 penalties.

-The Chiefs have a great chance to stay in first next week with winless Miami up next and a date with undefeated Green Bay for the Chargers.


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