Are we getting too off base on ballpark food?



The stadium dog could be in trouble.
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  • The stadium dog could be in trouble.
The hot dog, arguably man's great compilation of pig and cow parts, might just be an endangered species. And the clock has started on the half-life of nacho cheese. Epicurious details the latest concession options at Safeco Field — the home of the Seattle Mariners — which is attempting to appeal to foodies with vegan soup and blackened salmon sandwiches from name chefs in the city.

The menu at Kauffman Stadium has certainly been evolving over the past few years as the trend is to find restaurant-style food at the ballpark. But outside the club level, we're not at the Emerald City's level (although Blanc's stand at Arrowhead suggests that this could be coming). Is this progress or an insult to the national pastime?

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