Glenn Beck loses morning time slot on KMBZ 980 and gets bumped to the night shift


Glenn Beck loves chalk.
  • Glenn Beck loves chalk.

Chalkboard fetishist Glenn Beck has lost his 9-11 a.m. time slot on KMBZ 980 due to piss-poor ratings, according to Bottom Line Communications. Beck is getting booted to the 9 p.m.-midnight slot, starting today.

That's the good news. The bad news: There's more Beck on the airwaves. The show will run a full three hours.

Taking the Beck slot is self-proclaimed "moderate conservative" Chris Merrill, who KMBZ program director Neil Larrimore said, "Is a unique

talent that has the tools to inform and, most of all, entertain the


Not really sure how "moderate" Merrill really is, given that his website goes to great (and unfunny) pains to make fun of liberals in Lawrence, Kansas (where Merrill was on KLWN 1320).

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