Genghis Grill creates interactive TV channel


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Get grilled...on TV
  • Get grilled...on TV

I have eaten in the Power & Light location of the Dallas-based Genghis Grill several times, and it never occurred to me to connect the inexpensively-priced Mongolian grill concept with music and fashion.

I was so wrong. This week's article about the fast-growing chain on explains how a customer-tracking tool revealed that the Genghis Grill executives realized that "its audience was much more music- and fashion-focused than previously thought."

Armed with that knowledge, GenghisGrillTV was born.

Not a comedy, not quite a drama
  • Not a comedy, not quite a drama

No, it's not a channel that the local Time Warner cable provider will carry, it's an internet channel. Or it's going to be. You see, at this point, it's not even that. Not much is happening with the site yet ("Genghis Daily" was last updated on October 29th), but the idea is provocative. And sort of off-the-wall. explains that the company's chief digital brand officer, Paul Barron, created the "customer engagement tool" as a way of reaching the social networking demographic, particularly Twitter and Facebook fans.

When GenghisGrill TV is actually up and running, Barron explains, it will combine three major components:

"... Genghis Grill TV, the keeper of the chain's blog, music video and event posts; Genghis Live, a forum for Genghis guests to nominate and vote on their favorite indie artist in the Texas markets of Dallas, Houston and Austin (coming soon) and Atlanta; and Genghis Mayors, a recognition program ... "

He's Genghis, he grills
  • He's Genghis, he grills
I'm not sure how fashion fits in to the plan, but Genghis Grill TV doesn't have any actual content yet. Not even a late, late show screening of the 1955 movie The Conqueror with all-American movie icon John Wayne playing Genghis Khan -- the inspiration, reportedly, for every "Mongolian grill" concept.

While "customer engagement tools" may be an important way to build a social media-savvy clientele, if the make-your-own bowl cuisine at the local Genghis Grill is any reflection of  the fare at the national level, it may be a wiser investment for this chain to upgrade the ingredients and leave "television" to the networks.


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