Raising money and fighting Phelps at the Brown Bag Drag


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For nearly a decade now, the University of Kansas' Queers and Allies have presented Pride Week in April, a week of events, talks, and the like, dedicated to raising awareness of issues in the gay community. The highlight of the week has always been Friday's Brown Bag Drag, a free lunchtime drag show in front of the Kansas Union, hosted by Daisy Bucket.

This year's turnout was huge, with what seemed like hundreds of kids. There was the expected Phelps protest across the street, but there was also an unexpected twist. KU student Dan Held helped start a counter-protest, with the intent of raising money for Planned Parenthood. He hopes that by raising money for a cause such as Planned Parenthood whenever the Westboro Baptist Church protests, it will help deter them from coming. Considering that Held and his cohorts raised nearly $1000 in the hour prior to the drag show, they might have a shot.

Check out video of Deja Brooks channeling her inner Tracy Turnblad with a performance of "Good Morning Baltimore."

Deja Brooks, "Good Morning Baltimore" from Nick Spacek on Vimeo.


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