Battle of the dishes: Limeades



Limeade feels like a treat for a number of reasons. So many more limes have to die to make the same amount of juice as produced by a lemon. It's not found on the menu as often as lemonade. And it is usually a delightful reminder of a mojito or the gin and tonic you'll be enjoying later.

In this week's Battle of the Dishes, Fat City put a medium limeade from Winstead's Plaza location ($1.55) up against the same from the Topsy's outpost in Brookside ($2.19).

Inside the Cup:

Topsy's: Crushed ice, freshly squeezed lime juice, soda water, sugar, and a lime slice and cherry as garnish. 

Winstead's: Crushed ice, freshly squeezed lime juice, the rinds of six-eighths of a lime, lime sherbet, Sprite, and a cherry half.

Advantage: Topsy's. Served in a clear cup, the simple concoction from Topsy's seems like something you might make at home. 


The Initial Sip:

Topsy's: A burst of lime that makes your lips pucker slightly, followed by a hint of sugar and the carbonation from the soda water.  

Winstead's: Sweetness more than lime, the kind of drink you want to pair with a hot dog right off the grill.

Advantage: Winstead's -- your body craves sugar for a reason. 

The Last Sip:

Topsy's: More lime to start, less in the finish. While it has the taste of fresh limes, the tartness of the drink makes a smaller size more appealing.
Winstead's: The tastes feel more blended, perhaps because of slowly melting sherbet that can be mixed with your straw.

Advantage: Winstead's -- it has one taste from the top to the bottom of the cup.
While Winstead's received the nod in the head-to-head competition (taking two-out-of-three  categories and being 64 cents cheaper), both limeades were easy to drink and a welcome relief to a summer that has finally begun to heat up. Moreover, this may not have been a case of Winstead's winning, but instead a result of Topsy's not having its strongest offering in the competition. The $5, freshly squeezed limeade made at a Topsy's stand inside Kauffman Stadium might just be the best in the city.

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