Member of Juggalo Rydas sentenced to 15 years for shooting up vacant apartment


Dewey W. Dixon
  • Dewey W. Dixon

Dewey W. Dixon, who is apparently down with the clown, will be serving a mandatory 15-year prison sentence for shooting up an apartment with a Mac-10 semiautomatic machine gun in September 2008.

The 32-year-old from Johnson County was sentenced Thursday for two counts of unlawful use of a weapon, property damage and marijuana possession.

A news release issued by the Platte County prosecutor's office says Dixon claimed to be a member of the Juggalo Rydas, which police say is a street gang. Juggalo is the name given to followers of the hip-hop duo the Insane Clown Posse. And the gang name Juggalo Rydas Bitch was referenced on a song by Anybody Killa featuring ICP called "Gang Related."

"This man, like many members of the Juggalos, claimed at his guilty

plea that Juggalo Rydas is merely a fan club for Insane Clown

Posse," Platte County Prosecutor Eric Zahnd tells The Pitch.

"This case however, has all the hallmarks of criminal street gang

activity: a drive by shooting in response to a perceived slight and a

graffiti tagging of the intended victims' apartment."

Dixon was retaliating for a slight against a woman by two men, Zahnd

said. But Dixon fired the machine gun at the wrong apartment.


found brass knuckles and a blackjack on Dixon at the time of his

arrest. He also had weed and a homemade pipe with pot residue in it.

A release issued by the Platte County Prosecutor's Office says Dixon

that the

bond between the members of Juggalo Ryders is "like family." Dixon admitted

shooting into the wrong apartment after "tagging" the door with the

words "Juggalo Rydas."


know that there is some gang activty in Platte County," Zahnd says. "It

is however not an overwhelming problem and our goal is to keep it that


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